How to Build a Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan Wardrobe

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Lia’s Closet is is a mess right now. With the oncoming of Autumn, there’s a shift in regarding which clothes should be put away. When you dress in layers year-round, you make it even harder to put clothes away, so closet organizing may be in our future.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s time to look at what a good working sustainable wardrobe consists of.

5 Basics Must-Haves

1. Impact Fashion Apparel: Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan Accessories

2. Gwynnie Bee Rentals/Purchases

3. Fashion Nova Posh Party Dresses+

4. Secondhand-me-downs, +Thrift

5. Conscious Basics and Fitness

Check me out:

Impact Fashion Apparel + Accessories

Impact Fashion USA is a growing source. We plan to launch a social app that helps users style themselves in the best clothing possible for a more glamorous aesthetic. You and I both know, this means vegan, so no harm done.

Gwynnie Bee and Fashion Nova Dresses

Gwynnie Bee is a great choice for clothes-renting. With most clothes-renting services, you pay a monthly styling fee to receive one box of 2-5 articles of clothing that will be returned by the end of the cycle. Some boxes are weekly or biweekly, but we like Gwynnie Bee now known as Caastle, because it not only lasts one month, but they cater to plus sizes. Oh and did we forget to mention, they offer one month free for new customers. To get your free month, click this link.

Secondhand-me-downs and Thrift Finds

There are a plethora of clothing already living out there in the world that may have been loved already. With the loving vibes already intrinsic to their style, there’s no telling who is going to snatch them up! With the closing of #SecondhandSeptember and the beginning at October, a month for the most fun and uplifting of costume, the importance of and opportunity for thrift is upon us!

Conscious Basics

Sustainable, non-toxic, fair trade essentials worn in our everyday lives including but in NO WAY limited to undergarments, are a must-have and the basis for a life of both comfort, social and environmental health. This is available to people of all sizes in many forms, including recycled, circular materials as an alternative to completely virgin and pesticide-free. We wear Pact.

After a day of completing my Parsons Teen Vogue assignments, I am exHAUsTEd!

Continue to feel my ethical vibes as you peruse my site, (


Lia Totty

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